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Richmond Hill (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

Chitose O-Sensei, Soke

Welcome to the Web Site for the International Chito Ryu Karate Association's 1998 Soke Cup; an international Chito Ryu Karate Tournament held every three years.


Congratulations and thanks to the organizers, volunteers, officials and competitors, who made the 1998 Soke Cup such a successful event.

S.Higashi (Honbucho - Canada)

*Tournament Results

Check the Sokecup Results Page for the final standings.

The official results are now on-line. You may also download the official Soke Cup document SOKECUP98.rtf (Updated Sept.14/98) in RTF format, usable by most word processing programs.

Canadian Coachs' Congratulations to Canadian Team Members

Canadian Coachs' Comments

For further information contact Soke Cup Committee.
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