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Chito Ryu Karate-Do


Richmond Hill (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

Chitose Osensei

Welcome to the Web Site for the International Chito Ryu Karate Association's 1998 Soke Cup; an international Chito Ryu Karate Tournament held every three years.

* Fundraising

All members are urged to consider contributing to the fundraising required to host this event. You can print out the Donation Form from your browser.

* Schedule

Officials Clinics: Wednesday August 5th & Thursday Aug 6th,1998

Tournament: Friday August 7th - Sunday August 9th, 1998

Post Tournament Clinics: Mon Aug. 10th & Tues Aug. 11th, 1998


The official tournament hotel will be the Sheraton Parkway Hotel, North Toronto. Information about the hotel can be found through the Sheraton Hotels Web Site.

Reservations are being handled through the Soke Cup Committee. Details will be sent out with the information packages and will be here as soon as they are available.

*Official Tournament Rules

For further information contact Soke Cup Information Desk.