International Chito Ryu Karate Do Association


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Article 1: Referee Classification

Officially recognized referees (hereafter called referees) are classified as follows.

  1. International referee
  2. National referee
  3. Provincial referee
  4. Local referee

Referees in higher rankings can also be referees in the lower ranked events.

Article 2: Designation

The qualifications for an international referee are investigated based on the qualifications standards listed on a separate page of the association's technical section, and then an examination is given; those who pass are designated by the president of the association of each country.

Article 3:

The qualifications for national and provincial referees are investigated in each country by the association's technical section; then an examination is given, and those who pass are designated by the president of the country's association.

Article 4:

The local referees are designated by the provincial branch head, based on the qualification standards in the Table.

For those groups who do not qualify as a provincial branch, based on the qualification standards in the Table, the qualifications are investigated by the association's technical section in each country, examinations are given, and those passing are designated by the president of each country's association.

Article 5: Duration of Appointments

The duration is 3 years and continuing is not prohibited.

Article 6: Renewal of Qualifications

When the term has expired, the qualifications must be renewed by attending workshops offered by the technical section of each country's association. When these are not attended, as a general rule, the qualifications are taken away.

Article 7: Implementation of Examinations

Examinations are given once each year, and the notification of the necessary items such as date, time, location, etc. are provided by the technical section of each country's association.

Article 8: Examinations

Examinations are given by qualified referees authorized by the technical section of each country's association.

Article 9: Qualification Standards of Examinees

In order to take the examinations to become a referee, one must be a member of the Chito Ryu Association, and must meet the requirements listed in the Table.

Article 10: Application for Examination

Those wishing to be examined to become a referee must submit an application form to the technical section of each country's association. The form of the application will be determined separately.

Article 11: Examination Items

The examination involves technical aspects as well as written examination.

Article 12: Examination Fee

Examination takers must submit the examination fee along with the application form.

The amount of the fee is determined by the technical section of each country's association. However, for provincial referees, it is determined by the headquarters of each provincial branch.

Article 13: Workshops

Referees identified in Article 1 must attend the workshops set up by the Association's technical section or by a similar section.


Classification Qualification Experience Age
1. International 15 years National > 3 years 45
2. National 12 years Provincial > 3 years 31
3. Provincial 9 years Local > 2 years 28
4. Local 7 years --- 30


Classification Qualification Age
1. International qualified international referee for 5 years 45
2. National qualified international referee 40
3. Provincial qualified national referee 35
4. Local qualified provincial referee 30

Article 14: Changing of Official Refereeing Regulations

Changes in the regulations requires the recognition of the Board of the Chito Ryu Association.

Additional Clause:

These regulations are to be implemented from April 1, 1988.

{End of Referee Classification Regulation}