Message to All Canadian Team Members

To all National Team members:

I would like to congratulate the Canadian Mens A & B,and the Womens A & B teams on their competitions at Soke Cup. In your individual events you were separated, but in the teams you united in a group sharing event which you all did so inspiringly.


They had very hard calls, but showed great team spirit, discipline, and supported each other really well. The excitement was felt throughout the whole tournament.
MENS B TEAM - BRONZE MEDAL They also joined together and fought very well showing true spirit from a team. Chris Taneda showed great dedication, as he was hurting, but never let the team down.

CONGRATULATIONS to you Chris on Male Soke Cup Champion as well.

WOMENS A TEAM - GOLD MEDAL They took the GOLD MEDAL. You women made Canada proud and fought as World Champions should.

CONGRATULATIONS to San Fung for Female Soke Cup Champion. I'm so proud of you words can't express.

WOMENS B TEAM - SILVER MEDAL They took SILVER MEDAL. Thanks to you for coming together so quickly with only a minutes notice, to show the real spirit of Karate-Do.

You all looked so stunning in your uniforms, they made Canada stand out in the crowd. I hear Glen Kirk was pleased it fit.

Last of all, Head Coach Paul Oliver, did a great job putting the Teams together and Coaching with his great determination and leadership to take you all the way. I would also like to thank Paul for giving me this great opportunity to help out and meet you all.(THE GREATEST CANADIAN ATHLETES IN THE WORLD)

Wendy Oliver, Asst. Can. Coach