Kathy Constantinou, Romuldo Ferri, Dave Chong.

On behalf of the Canadian team members, & all of the athletes, coaches & officials, we would like to thank this committee & all their support staff for hosting a most successful Soke CUP in Richmond Hill. Most people do not have a thorough understanding of the gigantic task it was to make this all come together, a job very, very, well done.

TO all Canadian Team members:

I would like to personally congratulate all the members of the Canadian men's & Women's national team, and their great success. It was a pleasure to work & Coach with all of you, who have proved that you are among the best in the World.
I believe it is only fitting that a special note of recognition be given to the Men's & Women's B teams, who were pulled together without much notice, and yet answered the call in the true spirit of Chito-Ryu and were very successful.
The spirit & courtesy displayed by all National team Members could not be rivalled anywhere.


Wendy & myself would like to publically apoligize to all the female competitors for everyone's oversight in not selecting a Women's national B team at the same time as it was announced there would be a men's National B Team. If it were not for the timely intervention of Kathy Constantineau who pointed this out, & Wendy Oliver who pulled them together,we would not have had a second women's national team, and consequently a Team silver medal. This was all done at the last minute, and was not anybody's intention to leave anyone out. As Canada A beat Australia in the semi's, and Canada B beat Japan A in the Semi's, this only left the 2 best teams in the finals.
Our apoligies & congratulations to the Womens teams, you's rocked.
On behalf of all the Canadian officials, Coaches, selection committees etc,.

PS: As stated, a special thanks to Kathy C., whose insight brought this to our attention & allowed these athletes to be successful.

In Karate-Do
Paul & Wendy Oliver,
CCRA Soke Cup Coaches.