Higashi Sensei Celebration
Sensei Shane Higashi has been teaching and promoting Chito Ryu karate for over 4 decades. From his first dojo in 1963 on Danforth Ave. in Toronto's east end, to the Honbu Dojo at Lawrence Ave. and Victoria Park Ave. this former Canadian champion, has taught thousands of children and adults the art of Chito Ryu karate some of whom have gone on to become champions and to open their own dojos in Canada and around the world.

Sensei Higashi is not only a gifted and highly respected teacher in his own dojo, but is also the Honbu-cho or head instructor for Chito Ryu karate in Canada. This means he must travel to all parts of Canada to teach and to grade karate students. Sensei Higashi has also been important in the development of Chito Ryu karate in Europe and is a regular contributor to the style in other countries where Chito Ryu is practiced.
Sensei Higashi's contribution to karate in Canada was acknowledged recently by the Canadian National Karate Association. As a founding member of the NKA Sensei Higashi is an important and respected figure in Canadian karate. In October Kyoshi Higashi was inducted into the Canadian Black Belt hall of Fame.

Students of Sensei Higashi know that they have been taught by one of the best there is and to show our thanks and appreciation we are holding a celebration in his honour. Please visit this site regularly for updates.

Date: Sunday December 2nd

Location: The Crescent School 2365 Bayview Ave. (Just north of Lawrence Ave.) Toronto

Time : 3 to 7pm

Cost : Adults $45 Children under 13 $25

Tickets : Contact Peter Wiles at Higashi Party Tickets

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