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Chito Ryu

The Chito Ryu Association of Ontario was created in 1988 as a response to the growth of Chito Ryu dojos in the province. With the increasing popularity of karate in general and Chito Ryu karate in particular, it was important to ensure reliable and consistent teaching, grading and quality standards. The Canadian chief instructor Shane Higashi, whose dojo is in Toronto, took particular interest in this initiative and encouraged the establishement of a team of volunteers who would organize tournaments, run clinics, administer gradings and generally promote the art across the province.

CRAO is under the guidance of

* Kyoshi Shane Y. Higashi, 8th dan. Canadian Hombu-cho (Chief Instructor) : Higashi School of Karate
* Shihan Romualdo Ferri, 5th dan. Richmond Hill Chito Ryu Ontario Chito Ryu Technical Director
* Shihan Art Bellhouse, 5th Dan. Whitby Chito Kai
* Shihan David Chong, 4th dan. Guildwood Chito Kai Karate School
* Renshi Dr. David Smith 6th dan., President, Canadian Chito Ryu Karate Do Association

The board of directors consists of up to 12 members, from which a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary are to be chosen. The directors are elected at the annual general meeting from the membership of the Chito Ryu Association of Ontario who are 18 years or older.


To contact the Chito Ryu Association of Ontario, write or phone :

The Chito-Ryu Association of Ontario:
89 Curlew Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M3A 2P8
Phone: (416) 444-5310


CRAO Board of Directors 2004-2005

President& Treasurer : Norm Gillies
Vice President : Bill Male
Secretary : Rosemary Scarsella

Mary Fitzgerald
Erin Fitzgerald : Advisor - Junior Program
Bill Moran
Peter Wiles