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Each year the Chito Ryu Association of Ontario organizes two tournaments in the Toronto area. These events provide competitors and officials with the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills. There are two events ; Kata, both individual and team, and Kumite. Also, depending on the number of participants, there may be a Team Kumite event as well. Competitors must complete the Individual Tournament Application Form and give this to their Dojo head or Sensei.
Every effort is made to ensure the safety of all those involved in a tournament, however, participants must sign a risk release form to be permitted to participate in the tournament and children must have a risk release form signed by a parent or guardian. Dojo heads will fill out the Club Registration Form and submit that to the tournament organizer.

Individual Application Form

Adult Risk Release

Children's Risk Release

Team Kata Registration

Team Kumite Registration

Club Membership Registration



Yudansha or Black Belt examinations are held twice each year at the Hombu dojo in Toronto. Candidates are assessed at the Shihan Review roughly one month prior to the examination and if successful, may proceed to the examination. The Shihan Review was established to help identify those candidates who are prepared and those who needed more time to prepare.

Each rank or title has its own set of expectations - knowledge, skills attitude etc. In addition, an essay is required from each candidate on a topic specific to their rank. Candidates are expected to notify the Chito Ryu Association of Ontario of their intention to take the examination prior to the Shihan Review and must submit all completed forms, photographs, essays and fees on the day of the examination. Candiates may download forms here or get the package at the Hombu Dojo.

Black Belt Registration Form (Canada) (Three required)

Black Belt Registration Form (Japan) (One required)