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The Higashi Dojo is the headquarters (Honbu dojo) for Canadian Chito-Ryu karate, and its owner and chief instructor, Shane Y. Higashi, 8th Dan, is the chief instructor (Honbucho) for this style in Canada. As well, Sensei Higashi is the Canadian Hombucho for the Hozon Shin Ko style of Kobudo, which is also taught at the school.

Classes are taught by either Sensei Higashi, or a senior black belt.

Each person who practices karate, at whatever level of proficiency, perceives it uniquely. This is entirely appropriate; since for each person, karate can fulfill a unique need. To some, it represents an opportunity to compete with friends in an atmosphere of mutual development. Others see it in a more individual manner: where karate is the means to test and extend their limits -- to reach beyond previous personal attainments. And virtually all men, women, and children who participate find that the physical fitness and mental discipline required to develop skill in the art of karate will have a deep and lasting influence in many aspects of daily life. It is perhaps an ideal way to diminish the effects of stress and tension in contemporary lifestyles. Instruction at the Higashi School of Karate reflects each member's special needs and encourages individuals to advance according to their own rates of progress and potential.

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