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Chito Ryu Karate has a history that extends back over 1000 years to the T'ang era in China. It was at this time that the basic techniques of karate were first developed. In the intervening centuries, unarmed combat was brought to the people of Okinawa where it was studied in secret by the locals. Now, after decades of open study by people throughout Japan and the rest of the world, karate has become a true martial art.

Tsuyoshi Chitose took several aspects of Okinawan karate and, using his knowledge of physiology, modified them to create a balanced style called Chito-Ryu.

Below are some photographs of Dr. Chitose as a young man.

Tsuyoshi Chitose (1898-1988)

O-Sensei performing a Sai kata.


O-Sensei at his residence.

O-Sensei and one of his teachers, Genwa Nakasone.


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