The Ontario Chito-Ryu Association has a number of affilated dojos in several areas. Information and a brief description of each dojo is given here.

Higashi School of Karate

89 Curlew Drive
Don Mills, Ontario
M3A 2P8
Tel: (416) 444-5310
Fax: (416) 447-6447

Chief Instructor: Sensei Shane Y. Higashi

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Burlington Chito Kai

523 Rosedale Crescent
Burlington, Ontario
L7N 2S7
Tel: (905) 681-1581
Contact: Debbie Brooks

East York Karate

29 Winfrid Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 2J1
Tel: (416) 489-2330

Chief Instructor Norman Gillies

Guildwood Chito Kai Karate School

11 Cromwell Road.
Scarborough, Ontario
M1J 3N1
Home Tel & Fax ( 416) 265-8342
Work No. (416) 592-5781

email: [email protected]

Chief Instructor David Chong

Milliken Chito Kai

27 Teddington Ave
Unionville, Ont.
L3R 6T6
Tel (905) 477-3437

Chief Instructor John Seck

New Hamburg Karate

13 - 132 Hincks Street, Box 1024
New Hamburg, Ont
N0B 2G0
Tel (519) 662-3849
Fax(519) 824-3773

Chief Instructor Bruce Middaugh

Ottawa Chito Kai Martial Arts Centre

200 Cooper Street - Suite 6
Ottawa, Ont
K2P 0G1
Tel (613) 233-6333

Chief Instructor Harvey Brown

York South Chito Ryu

28 Industrial Road
Richmond Hill, Ont
L4C 2Y1
Tel (905) 764-1693

Chief Instructor Kathy Constantinou

Richmond Hill Chito Ryu

28 Industrial Road
Richmond Hill, Ont
L4C 2Y1
Tel (905) 883-0835

Chief Instructor Romualdo Ferri

Scarborough College Karate Club

827 Elvira Crescent
Pickering, Ont
L1W 2L1
Tel (905) 839-3358

Chief Instructor Ken Fisher

Whitby Chito Kai

693 Sugarmaple Crescent
Whitby, Ont
L1N 7W3
Tel (905) 668-7903

Chief Instructor Art Bellhouse

Zehr Chito Ryu

206 6th Ave, SW
Chesley, Ont
N0G 1L0
Tel (519) 363-2724

Chief Instructor Peter Zehr

Pickering Chito Ryu

RR 1
Nestleton, Ont
L0B 1L0
Tel (905)986-0681

Chief Instructor Steve Ugor

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