The Higashi Dojo, or the Higashi School of Karate and Kobudo,as it is officially known, is located at 89 Curlew Drive, Don Mills, Toronto, near the intersection of Victoria Park Ave and Lawrence Ave.

The dojo is the headquarters ( Honbu dojo) for Canada for the Chito Ryu style of karate, and its owner and chief instructor, Shane Y. Higashi is also the chief instructor (Honbucho) for the style in Canada.

Sensei Higashi is also the Canadian Hombucho for the Hozon Shin Ko style of Kobudo, which is also being taught at the school..

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As indicated the school is directed by Sensei Shane Y.. Higashi, 8th dan, and the senior instructor is Sensei Peter Giffen, 5th dan. All classes are taught by either of these two, or by other qualified black belt instructors.

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