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Hantei Online
Issue No. 4 - September/October 1998

We are back for the fourth time after a short extra break for the summer, and for a bit of lazyness too I guess.

In the time since the last issue we have had a fair bit of feedback, for which we are grateful, even though we have had more notes and comments from out of province, out of style and out of the country than what we have had from Ontario Chito Ryu members. We have been told that the site is being read around here, and we know we get the hits, but a little response, preferably with some input we can use would still be appreciated.

We have met with the dojo heads, and they have promised to set up a system whereby news from the dojos are fed on a regular basis, and hopefully this will come off in a manner that will make this more of a useful experience for all of us.

This issue has Mike Delaney remembering his first trip to Japan, Sakamoto Sensei is describing his struggles to reach higher understanding of O'Sensei's teachings and the Ottawa dojo is featured.

The Karateka featured has not been updated, but will be within the next week. News from the dojos are still hard to come by, but this should improve in the next couple of weeks, This item is as you know updated as it happens.

Again, hope you enjoy it, and again please let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas for items we could add, either on a regular or occational basis.

If there is anything, e-mail me at [email protected].

Shihan's Corner
This is a piece supplied by Peter Giffen and written by his good friend Ken Sakamoto. In it Sensei Sakamoto describes his search to extend his knowledge of Chito Ryu, and even if Sensei Sakamoto, who has started his own organization, Ryusei Chito-Ryu karate, is no longer a member of ICRKF, we feel his thoughts have great relevance to what we all should eventually be striving for. The text is from a japanese original and clearly a bit awkward in translation, if any of you would like to see the japanese original, I am sure Pete would help you out.

Featured Dojo
This issue Harvey Brown describes the history and current situation of Chito Ryu in Ottawa. You should take him up on his offer to visit when you are up seeing Jean Chretien.

Looking Back
This time Mikey is looking back to an early trip to Japan, and his experiences with (what else ?) eating in Japan. It seems from the way he ends the story that this is the start of a serial, I will see what I can do to get future installments, maybe start a new section on Mikey's rememberances.

News & Views
A Celebration for Sensei Higashi will be held Nov 28.
We have a new president Norm Gillies after Peter Wiles took off to England.
The events calendar for the coming season is out.
News from the Ottawa Tournament.

Tournament Results
Results from the Ottawa Tournament held on March 14, is now listed, courtesy of Harvey Brown.
Also some placings from the recent KOA Tournament

Featured Karateka
In this issue we are putting the spotlight on two young guys belonging to the Higashi dojo, Jerome Silent and Vlad Zavadski.

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