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Featured Karateka

Jerome Silent and Vlad Zavadski

Jerome Silent is eleven years old and has been a member of the Higashi dojo for about a year, and has already gained his orange belt. His Sensei consider him an excellent student.

When pushed a little bit he admits to competing in tournaments whenever he can, with very good results.
He has to his credit 2 gold in kumite and one gold and one silver in kata to date, and watch out for him next chance he gets.

When he is not in the dojo, he keeps himself busy as a grade 6 student at Milne Valley School, where he tells me is doing well.

More to come from this young guy.

Vlad Zavadski is eight years old and has been under Sensei Higashi's eagle eye for five months, and currently holds the rank of yellow belt.

He has up to now been in two tournaments, and got two second and one third placing. He is pretty confident that he can win something next time, and I do not want to bet against this confident young guy.

He attends grade 3 at Three Runs School, and he reports that he is doing fine there.

We will check and see how he does in his next tournament!