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Inner liners are a mandatory part of the new headpieces, designed to allow added protection to the new headpiece as well as any other Bogu headpiece on the market. It also allows each person to have a hygenic liner between their face & the headpiece, which now is a necessity.

Headpieces: Come in Small, Med. & Large. The sizes are very comparable to the Japan 95 headpiece sizes. Most North Americans take a small or a medium. I personally wear a small, as this is the size that best fits snuggly to my head. DO NOT purchase or wear a headpiece that does not fit tightly to your face. Proper fitting is #1 priority.

Body Armor: Comes in Small medium & large. Again these sizes are directly comparable to Japan 95 body armor. Small body armor is basically designed for juniors, while medium & large are adult orientated.

All bogu ordering & distribution will be handled by Noel Francisco

Mike Saouda,
E-mail: [email protected]

Mail: 38 Centre Street, Scarborough, Ontario, M1J 3B6