Advice from Paul Oliver
Regarding Bogu Fitting

It has come to my attention that a few people are having some problems with fitting their new Bogu comfortably. I will give you a few explanations, & minor fixes that should help you. Every persons headshape & face are different. We will never get a helmet that can universally fit everyone properly. This is one of the reasons that it becomes important to have your own equipement, so that you may personalize it to suit your own features & train comfortably & safely.

First, no bogu headpieces were ever designed to have an inner liner, which for some people poses a problem with not having enough velcroe at the rear.

CURE: Add a short piece of velcroe to the existing one.

If still not comfortable enough, do as I did and go down to your local cobbler & have 4 eyelets [Minimum 3/16" ID(mm.)] put down each side of the rear of the helmet where the velcroe attaches. This allows for a tighter & more versatile fit. [Costs under $10, but remember, don't use small eyelets as they will pull out too easy. The bigger, the better.]

For some people, the inner liner may come too far into the peripheral eye vision, limiting your full view.

CURE: This happened to me with a medium liner, but not with a large liner. I simply took a pair og scissors, folded the liner horizontally, & snipped a small half-moon section out where my perferial vision was. Works fine.

For some people, there is a problem with too much space in the chin area due to decreased size from false teeth.

CURE:Put a small piece of 1/4" foam rubber directly in the chin area to take up the slack. Also, if you have the eyelets put in, simply lace the bottom two sets of eyelets, which will snug in at the chin area.

For some people, there may be a problem with the helmet sitting too low for good eye vision.

CURE: Again, put in the eyelets, and only lace the top 2 sets of eyelets, which will tighten the top of the helmet more & bring the field of vision up higher.

If you lace all 4 eyelets, you have to either remove the velcro completely [not suggested] or simply fasten the velcro & then have someone lace it up for you, as the lacing will be outside the rear pad. I have been using my Bogu & making personal modifications to suite my own features. It is very comfortable when fitted properly as it should be. I have done this with the intention that I don't plan on letting anyone use my Armor, as I have it just the way I like it,......get the point.

I hope this helps you, as education is the biggest part of the battle.

Sincerely, Paul Oliver.