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Chitose O-Sensei, Soke

Welcome to the Canadian Chito Ryu Web Site for the International Chito Ryu Karate Association's 2001 Soke Cup; an international Chito Ryu Karate Tournament held every three years.

Soke Cup 2001 Schedule

The 2001 Soke Cup will run from July 20th (Opening Ceremonies) to July 22nd.

A detailed schedule is available for download in rtf format.

Application Forms

The Canadian Team and Coaches will be selected on a merit point system contained in the forms below. Anyone interested in joining the Canadian team at the Soke Cup may apply.

Competitor Application Forms are available on-line in RTF format, usable by most word processing programs.

Application Form

Coaches Application Form

Additional information is available at the Japanese Soke Cup Page
For further information contact Soke Cup Committee