Apr-May-June 1982
Volume 4

In this issue:

  1. News - Chito-kai Executive Meeting
  2. Bulletin - 1982 National Championships/AGM - Tentative Schedule
  3. Notice - NKA Election
  4. Notice - Bilingual Certificates/Membership Cards
  5. News - New Brunswick News
  6. Bulletin - Chito-kai Telephone Number: 1 416-425-6003 Toronto
  7. Bulletin - O-SENSEI'S VISIT - August & September 1982
  8. Notice - Notice T0 All Chit0-kai Members - Dues! Gradings!
  9. Latest News from the Chito-kai Fashion Department
  10. News - Chito-Ryu Illustrated
  11. Information - Graphic: Karate Basic Movements = Lexique De Base


The Chito-Kai Executive held a very productive meeting on April 24-25th weekend in Toronto. Members of the Executive present included: Sensei Higashi, Sensei Akutagawa, Bob Tordiff, Glen Jones, Art Bellhouse, David Smith

A number of subjects were discussed and the following decisions were made.

1. A Black Belt from another style wishing to study ChitoRyu karate and become a member of Chito-Kai will be required to indicate this desire by signing a form and having an interview either by Sensei Akutagawa or Sensei Higashi or one of their representatives. The present rank of the applicant will be recorded with appropriate documents and the rank in Chito-Ryu will be evaluated after a minimum of one year study. If after a period of one year Sensei Higashi or Akutagawa feels the applicant has fulfilled the necessary requirements he will be given the same rank in Chito-Ryu as he had previously achieved in the other style. At that time the rank of the karateka would be officially recorded in Japan.

2. Auditor Appointed - The executive approved the appointment of Mrs Elizabeth Gray as the auditor for the Chito-Kai Association. Mrs. Gray is a chartered accountant and is also a karateka at the Higashi Dojo in Toronto. At the Annual-General Meeting in September 1982 the members will be asked to approve this appointment.

3. By-Law Changes - At the Annual-General Meeting in September 1982 the members will be asked to accept the following changes. Note that only members of second Kyu and higher who have attained the age of 18 may vote.

3a) By-Law #9

Twelve (12) directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of members and all directors save the directors appointed by Headquarters of Chito-Kai in Japan shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual Meeting of members of the corporation out of the membership of the corporation.

Directors shall be elected out of the membership of the corporation at the Annual-General Meeting of members, save the director. appointed by Headquarters of Chito-Kai in Japan and all elected director shall be eligible for re-election. For the election of 1982, the term shall be staggered with half (six) of the directors being elected for one year, and the other half (six) for two years. Thereafter all (twelve) directors be elected for a two(2) year term.

3b) By-Law #25

The officers of the Corporation shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected or appointed in their stead.

The officers of the Corporation shall hold office for two(2) years, or until their successors are elected or appointed in their stead.

1982 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS/AGM - Tentative Schedule

Thursday, September 23, Technical Clinic (Black Belts) (evening)
Friday, September 24 Black Belt Gradings (morning)
Board of Directors Meeting (afternoon)
Officials Clinic (evening)
Saturday September 25 AGM/Board and Executive Elections (10am)
Sunday September 26 National Championship Tournament


All Chito-Kai Black Belts are encouraged to join the NKA and vote in person or by proxy at the NKA June election in Winnipeg.



In the future, Chito-Kai club and kyu certificates as well as individual membership cards will be written in English and French and in the case of kyu certificates in Japanese.


The Blacks Harbour Karate Club will be sponsoring the New Brunswick Junior Chito-Kai Karate Championships in St. George, June 5th, 1982.

On April 7th, 1982 the Saint John Chito-Kai School of Karate and the Higashi School of Karate (Saint John Y.M.C.A.) held a club tournament with over 40 competitors.

The Saint John Chito-Kai School also held a flea market on April 10th to raise money for the National Championships in September and to help support O-Sensei's visit.


The Chito-Kai Association can be reached through the head Dojo in Toronto

1 416-425-6003

O-SENSEI'S VISIT - August & September 1982

By the time you read this you will have been contacted by Mr. Bob Tordiff, Vice-President to outline the fund raising and the preparations for O-Sensei's visit to Canada. It is expected that O-Sensei will visit Vancouver, Kitimat, Canmore, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. 0-Sensei will be accompanied by his wife and Sensei Inomoto.


Many clubs have not yet submitted their membership lists and the 1982 membership fee of $5.00 for each member. In return a 1982 membership card will be sent to each student c/o his/her club. It is important to note that no student should be graded until this $5.00 annual membership fee is paid.


Now Available

Ladies Tee Shirt S,M,L Scooped Neck Sky Blue or Navy $8.00
Men's Cap Navy with Gold Crest $6.00

Chito-Kai Headquarters,
c/o 1 Harfleur Rd.,
Agincourt, Ontario. M1T 2X4
Attention J. Guenther


During the past few years Jean-Noel Blanchette, a Nidan from Sherbrooke, Quebec has taken a great interest in recording Chito-Ryu graphically.

He is presently working on a book illustrating both the Chito-Ryu Katas as well as the various Kihon and techniques. Hopefully this book will be available for all within the not-too-distant future.

Until then, we are grateful for this contribution of his in Kime this issue.

Graphic: Karate Basic Movements = Lexique De Base

1. Jyo-Dan, Age Uke = upper block
2. Soto-Uke = outside-in block
3. Uchi-Uke = inside-out block
4. Gedan-Barai = lower block
5. Choku-Zuki = straight punch
6. Kagi-Zuki = hook punch
7. Ushiro-Zuki = backward punch
8. Tate-Empi = vertical elbow strike
9. Shuto-Uke = knife hand block
10. Teisho-Uchi = palm hand strike
11. Yoko-Empi-Uchi = side elbow strike
12. Mae-Empi-Uchi = front elbow strike
13. Ushiro-Empi-Uchi = back elbow strike
14. Ushiro-Kyote-Empi-Uchi = back double elbow strike
15. Shiko-Dachi = square (sumo) stance
16. Seisan-Dashi = half moon stance
17. Kiba-Dachi = horse stance
18. Zenkutsu-Dachi = forward stance
19. Shizentai = natural stance
20. Musubi-Dachi = attention stance
21. Yumi-Zuki = bow & arrow punch
22. Kosa Dachi - hook stance
23. Mae-Geri = front kick
24. Oi-Zuki = lunge punch
25. Gyaku-Zuki = reverse punch
26. Yoko-Geri = side kick
27. Ushiro-Geri = back kick
28. Mawashi-Geri = roundhouse kick
29. Uke = defense
30. Soto = exterior
31. Zuki = coup de poing
32. Uchi = mouvement indirect
33. Dachi = position
34. Geri = coup de pied
35. Empi = coup de coude
36. Shizentai - naturel
37. Mawashi - circulaire
38. Kamae = garde (encombat)

10/11/81 Feb 1982
Jean Noel Blanchette