Winter 1981
Volume 01

Editor, Peter Giffen

In this issue:

  1. News - Annual General Meeting September 26-27th 1981
  2. News - National Chito-kai 1st Bogu Tournament - Toronto Sept. 26th/81
  3. News - New Clubs Registered - Effective Oct. 1st. 1981
  4. Test - Karate Quiz
  5. Letter - Message From The President Of Chito-Kai, David Smith
  6. Identify with Chito-kai! - Pins, Crests, Shirts for Sale
  7. Request - HELP!! - Submissions required for future Kime issues.


On September 26-27th weekend, both the Annual General Meeting and the first Chito-Kai National Tournament were held in Toronto. This marked the first time that Chito-Kai Karateka have used protective equipment in a national tournament. The use of this protective equipment marked a milestone in the development of Chito-Ryu -- more to follow.


At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Canadian ChitoKai Association the following Board of Directors was elected:

Art Bellhouse,
Jean-Noel Blanchette,
Chau Tran-Chan,
Mike Delaney,
Peter Giffen,
Glen Jones,
Dennis Mandville,
Bob McGinnis,
Ross Rumbell,
John Shaw,
Dave Smith,
Bob Tordiffe

Directors Appointed:
Sensei David Akutagawa,
Sensei Shane Higashi.

CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK to all the new and returning Directors.

The day following the Annual General Meeting the new Board of Directors met and the executive for 1981-82 was elected. The new executive is made up of -

Dave Smith - President
Bob Tordiffe - Vice President
Art Bellhouse - Treasurer
Glen Jones - Secretary

On behalf of the new board and the entire Chito-Kai membership KIME wishes to thank last year's President Pat Duffy; former Secretary Treasurer Ernie Tunnicliffe and Betty Tunnicliffe for their outstanding contribution to Chito-Kai.


The results of the first national tournament were as follows:

Men's Black Belt Kumite

1. Peter Giffen
2. Jean-Noel Blanchette
3. Eric Peters

Men's Intermediate Kumite

1. Jean-Francois Godbout
2. Paul Shute
3. Stephen Littlechild

Men's Black Belt Rata

1. Peter Giffen
2. Paul Oliver
3. Jean-Noel Blanchette

Women's Black Belt Kata

1. Lori Brooks
2. Margaret Shiels
3. Marie Flanagan

Women's Black Belt Kumite

1. Margaret Sheils
2. Lori Brooks
3. Marie Flanagan

Men's Intermediate Kata

1. Darron Smith
2. Louis Prevost
3. Jean-Francois Godbout

Women's Intermediate Kata

1. Anela Jadunandan
2. Diane Awdet
3. Dianne Oland

CONGRATULATIONS to the above and all those who participated in the event. Special thanks go to all the officials and organizers.

As most Karateka had not used protective equipment before in a tournament setting the experience was of course unique. Happily no injuries occurred however it is clear we all have a lot to learn about the use of protective equipment and how to accurately referee when it is being used. At the request of the Chito-Kai Directorship, Dr. David Smith will be meeting with Sports Companies interested in contact sports to see if any modification can be made in the existing equipment to make it more effective. During the past several years significant changes have been made in head protectors for both football and hockey and there is no reason to suggest appropriate changes couldn't be made in our existing protective equipment to make it more comfortable, less costly and more effective. We will keep you informed as to what transpires in this area, Perhaps by next year we will have some new equipment to try out,

NEW CLUBS REGISTERED - Effective Oct. 1st. 1981

Ottawa Chito-Ryu
Lower East Side School of Karate - Ontario
Rogersville Karate Club - New Brunswick
Saint John's - Newfoundland
Calgary Chito-Ryu Karate Club - Alberta

We Welcome these Clubs to the growing Chito-Kai Canada.


Answers to last Karate Quiz -

(1) Name five directors of Chito-Kai Canada -- Answer - see page 1
(2) Who is the Head Instructor in Canada? -- Answer - Sensei Shane Higashi


(1) What is hansoku?
(2) What is the regulation area size for tournament Kumite?
(3) What is Neko-ashi-dashi?
(4) What is otoshi-empi?
(5) What is mae-tobi-geri?

Answers -- to be found in the Chito-Ryu Karate text.


Dear Karateka,

It was with a certain degree of trepidation that I accepted the position of President of Chito-Kai Canada. Having been a part of the Chito-Ryu style for over 15 years now I have come to realize that there exists in Chito-Ryu a number of very devoted and responsible karateka who wish to see our style grow and matures. As a result of this I'm not so sure that I am really the right person for the position of President however, I'm willing to trust the system and do my best to foster our style as well as I can. Whereas not all the elected directors were able to be present at the Annual General Meeting, I would just like you to know that I am confident you have elected a strong directorship, one of which you can be proud. The executive now consists of Bob Tordiffe- Vice President; Art Bellhouse - Treasurer and Glen Jones - Secretary. As Bob lives a considerable distance from Toronto it is of course not possible to meet with him regularly. Bob is, however, most anxious to contribute all he can as a member of the Executive and Art and Glen have both kept me very busy since the Annual Meeting. I would like to think that you will do your utmost to promote Chito-Ryu and help it spread across Canada. We really are a force to reckon with in Canada now. We're a strong organization, we have lots of capable people and best of all we all seem to get along--quite a remarkable combination.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future and I know Art Bellhouse looks forward to receiving your Membership Fees on time. In the next issue of KIME a membership application form will be included to make things easier for you - and hopefully for us.

That's all for now. Train Hard, Keep Happy and KIME.

Dave Smith, President
Chito-Kai Canada.


Clubs may submit their orders for Chito-Kai T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Crests, Pins and Pendants bearing the Chito- Ryu emblem.

CRESTS $4.00 (each)


Lapel 14 K Gold $125.00 - Black Belts Only
Pendants Gold Plated 15.00 - Black Belts Only
Pendants Silver Plated 15.00 - Kyu only


Adults $8.00 S,M,L,XL White, Red Navy Blue
Boys 7.00 M,L White, Red Sky Blue


Adults $17.00 S,M,L,XL White, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Red
Boys 15.00 M,L White, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Red

Please, when ordering
- Make sure the order is clear
- Include a cheque payable to Chito-Kai Canada
- Include amount for postage (5%)
- It would be preferable to send one large order
rather than several small ones.

c/o Chito-Kai Canada
1 Harfleur Rd.,
Attention: Joy Guenther


If KIME is to publish four times a year, we need your help. Any information items, announcements of clinics, tournaments or names of anyone successfully obtaining a new ranking will be gratefully received. Subject to possible editing due to limited space, they will be published in the next issue of KIME.