Job Announcement

Teaching Position - Japan

From:Seiichiro Nanai, ICKF.

To whom it may concern; job announcement

The International Chitoryu Karate Federation has announced a job in Nasu Town of Tochigi in Japan. The job will start from August 1 of 2000.

At present, Ms. Jennifer Larkin from Nova Scotia of Canada, who is a shodan in chito-ryu is working at this job.

I am a coordinator for international programme of Nasu Town, so I can announce again this information to ICKF members.

Nasu Town is very satisfied with well educated people from chito-ryu like Jennifer and they asked me to announce this job to those in the ICKF organization.

However, this is competitive position.

I have asked Jennifer to make information sheet to introduce her job in Nasu.

Jennifer wrote:

Job Title
Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), Nasu Town Board of Education

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Participation in English language education planning at the town and school levels as directed by the Nasu Town Board of Education Head Teacher Consultant.
  2. Assist Japanese English instructors at the four junior high schools with teaching English and planning lessons.
  3. Visit elementary schools to teach English through games, creative play and easy language lessons.
  4. Participation in extracurricular school activities and events, as directed by the principals and/or English teachers of each school.
  5. Plan extracurricular English related events for junior high school students.
  6. Perform some translation, interpreting and other international relations duties.
  7. Production of English teaching materials.
  8. Judging of English speech contests.
  9. Other related duties as directed by the Head Teacher Consultant, school principals and/or English teachers.


The ALT's period of employment shall commence on August 1, 2021 and end on July 28, 2001. This one-year contract is renewable and applicants who are willing to stay for two years are encouraged to apply.


Approximately 300,000 yen per month (after tax, social security and social insurance deductions).

Housing Information

1LDK house
49 sq. meters (530 sq. feet)
rent 5,000 yen per month
fully furnished
washer and dryer
BS tuner TV and VCR (bilingual)
western style toilet
utilities (not included): electric, kerosene (for heat and hot water), gas, water, phone, neighborhood association fee
10 minute walk from town office
20 minute walk to JR Kurodahara station


National Health Insurance (Japanese)
You have to belong to this insurance by law.


Superintendent of Nasu Town Board of Education


  1. University degree, B.A. or higher.
  2. Foreign (non-Japanese) national.
  3. Up to 30 years of age.

Skills and Abilities

  1. Native English speaker.
  2. Basic command of Japanese (written and spoken).
  3. Willingness to work and play with children.

Visa Sponsorship


Travel Expenses

Nasu Town will provide an allowance for the ALT's passage to Japan as well as for return passage to his or her home country upon completion of the period of employment. The return allowance shall be paid on condition that the ALT not enter into any subsequent contract with Nasu Town or a third party in Japan, and that the ALT leave Japan within one month of completion of the contract.

About Nasu Town

Nasu Town is the northern most town in Tochigi prefecture about 200 km north of Tokyo. This rural town of about 35,000 residents has many resort sites, hot springs and hiking in the mountains. The winters are mild with January and February being about zero degrees Celsius. The summers are hot and humid, about 35 degrees Celsius in July and August. The people are quite friendly and helpful.

Closest Major City

Tokyo is about three and a half hours away by local train. The closest Shinkansen (bullet train) station is a 20 minute local train ride from JR Kurodahara station. By Shinkansen it is one hour to Tokyo.


Because it is a rural town, having an international driver's license is an asset if you decide to buy or rent a car. Many of the more interesting sites, restaurants, etc. are not easily accessible by public transport.

Jennifer Larkin.

Comments from Seiichiro Nanai, ICKF.

If a chito-ryu member is hired by Nasu town, Tokyo Mitaka Chito-ryu and Sohonbu will assist him or her. If he or she picked up some Japanese, he or she may be able to visit Tochigi Chito-ryu dojo.

I really hope that ICKF reps. will use this information to encourage young ICKF students.


Applicants should mail a resume (including your school and job career, your comments why you are interested in this job, your future plan, etc,.) to:

Prof. Norihiko Suzuki, DBA
Division of International Studies
International Christian University
3-10-2 Osawa Mitaka Tokyo Japan
( Nasu ALT programme)

Applications will be accepted until the end of November.

Prof. Suzuki is the chief coordinator of Nasu Internationl Educational programme.

We will announce the result in January of 2000.


Please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Seiichiro Nanai
Chairman, ICKF

Home: 100, 618-2 Togane Chiba Japan 283-0005
Seiichiro Nanai
Assistant Professor
Department of International Business
Josai International University
1 Gumyo Togane, Chiba 283-8555 Japan
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