SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH, 1997 - 9:00 a.m.

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Minutes of AGM September 6, 1997

Minutes of 1996 Annual General Meeting approved on a motion by Randall MacLean and seconded by Peter Giffen.

President's Remarks

Dr. Smith introduced the members of the Sohonbu, and recapped the happening of the International Meeting and the positive view of the meeting.

He also advised that there is a positive attitude in the Association and we should all work to ensure that this continues. To ensure this, he wants the Association to take control of our internet web page, to ensure that the information posted there is accurate, and the past practice of uninformed people posting information that is inaccurate and antagonistic ceases.

He also praised the fact that the "ChInto" magazine from Quebec was now printed in French and English, a positive sign for increased communication.

Dr. Smith closed his statements by expressing his confidence in the future of CCRA and introduced Soke Sensei.

Soke Sensei's Remarks

The highlights of Soke Sensei's address was to advise us that Higashi Sensei had been promoted to 8th Dan. This announcement was received enthusiastically by those in attendance.

Soke proceeded to advise that we should put the sad events of the past behind us and look to the future with confidence. He advised that the style has to become more international, and therefore the need to update and modernise, that our structure must ensure that the techniques must be posted out to all Shihans properly; that due to the size of the Japanese and Canadian membership we must have good and clear communication to ensure improvements. He encourages all karateka to participate in the Association.

He proceeded to explain the structure of the Sohonbu, a copy of which is attached to these minutes. Soke Sensei then introduced the members to the Sohonbu, who each explained their roll under the new Sohonbu structure.

Treasurer's Report

Noel Francisco provided the treasurer's report, copy attached. The late date of the receipt of membership fees has an impact on cash flow and the treasurer requests more prompt payment.

On a motion by Mr. McInnes, seconded by R. McLean, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Business Arising Out of the Minutes

Dr. Smith introduced Mr. R. Fenn, who is the solicitor for the Association. Mr. Fenn reviewed the latest by-laws amendment requested by HMG in Ottawa, and prepared the following motion.

"Motion to approve the amendments made to the by-laws of the Corporation to address the changes/deficiencies noted by the Ministry of Industry with respect to the approval of By-law No. 2 and for the authorization of the President and Secretary to make such changes to address the aforesaid deficiencies and to execute such further and other documents, deeds, by-laws and other instruments to give effect to the changes to satisfy the Ministry of Industry."

The motion was moved by R. McLean, seconded by R. McInnes and unanimously passed by the Membership..

On a motion moved by P. Oliver, seconded by P. Giffen, it was agreed that all Canadian Chito Ryu Association dues are to be submitted no later than March 31, 1998.

After a general discussion on the use of Soke Cup Tournament roles, on the recommendation of Technical Committee was referred to the Technical committee for discussion and resolution with Japan.

Election of Directors

As proposed by Higashi Sensei, the following were elected to the Board of Directors.

Dr. Smith T. Debeur N. Franscisco P. Wiles
G. Docherty R. Lee K. Roper C. Golz
R. McLean H. Brown D. Ryan C. Taneda
P. Oliver R. Casey D. Daignault G. Bisson
G. Kirk P. Zehr

Provincial Reports

Reports from the following provinces are attached to Minutes.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 12:00 noon.