List Mail: [email protected]
     Administration Mail: [email protected]
     Web Site: http://www.chitoryu.ca/chitonet/
     The  purpose  of the list is to connect Chito  Ryu  karateka  and 
     others  interested  in  the exchange  of  information  about  all 
     aspects of Chito Ryu Karate Do.  
     ChitoNet  is  intended to provide a communication  link  for  the 
     world  wide  Chito Ryu community.  ChitoNet is  not  an  official 
     service  of  any Chito Ryu organization, but rather a  medium  by 
     which  anyone  can share all types of information  regarding  the 
     study and practice of Chito Ryu.
     ChitoNet is not a newletter or broadcaster of information, merely
     the medium  through which you and others may  communicate  with a
     large  and scattered community  of interested  individuals.  Your 
     contributions  and participation  in discussions is encouraged to
     make ChitoNet successful.
     All  messages sent to the  ChitoNet  address [email protected] 
     will be broadcast to the subscription list. Now that your address 
     has been added, you will receive a copy of all list mail.
     Replying  to  such messages will result in  your  response  being 
     distributed the same way. The list is set to default all  replies 
     to the public (list) mail. If you wish to reply privately to  the 
     author  of a message make sure you select the  appropriate  reply 
     address in your mail program.
     In the past there was a problem with a member setting his  system 
     to  automatically respond to in-coming email (sometimes called  a 
     'vacation'  setting).  This  resulted in  an  'endless  loop'  of 
     replies  and  responses  and flooded the list  with  hundreds  of 
     garbage messages. Do NOT allow this to happen. The only remedy is 
     to have your subscription cancelled.
     From time to time breakdowns on the information highway result in
     certain  email  addresses becoming  unavailable. When a series of 
     messages  are  returned (bounced)  from  a specific address, that 
     address  is  removed  from  the  subscription  list.  If you stop 
     getting ChitoNet email, first go to the web page and check to see
     if you are  still  subscribed.  If not,  reapply  by sending  the 
     subscription request (see below). 
     Contact John Shaw ([email protected])  if you have any
     questions or problems.
Message Format:
     Limit  the line length of your messages to 70  characters.   This 
     ensures  that  your message will be received  by  others  without 
     unwanted word wrapping/line breaks.  
     When  replying  to  a topic, quote only enough  of  the  original 
     message to give meaning to your comments.
     Do not attach files or encoded text to your messages.
Content and Usage:
     Courtesy and proper language are the minimum requirements in your 
     messages. Anyone who flames (personal attacks, slander etc.) will 
     be warned once and then removed from the list.
     Be  reminded that the subscribers include traditional  Chito  Ryu 
     members, students of related systems, other karate styles and the 
     general  public. Geographically, the membership is spread  around 
     the world.
Subscriber Database:
     At the  ChitoNet Web Page  www.chitoryu.ca/chitonet/  there is  a
     database of ChitoNet subscribers.  You are encouraged to add your
     name to  the database and learn who else is on the list.  This is
     a way to get  to know who is speaking and  listening on the list.
List Commands:     
     List Address: [email protected]
     The following commands go in the text/body of your email.
     Operation				Message
     ---------				-------
     Subscribe Request:  		subscribe chitonet 
     Unsubscribe Request:		unsubscribe chitonet
     Information:			info chitonet
      The server cost for the operation of ChitoNet is sponsored 
      by the Canadian Chito Ryu Karate Association".