May 15, 2021

Time: 9 AM
Subject: Scottish Soke Clinic
Poster: John Shaw
Scottish Clinic Info
Soke Chitose Clinic in Scotland

Time: 5 PM
Subject: Yudansha Pre-test
Poster: Martin Sisler

This has been scheduled by the OCRKA as the sho:dan pre:test date. In case you
don't know, the location is Higashi dojo; 89 Curlew Dr. in Don Mills. All 1st kyu
interested in testing should have received all necessary paperwork and completed all
necessary forms and paid all the necessary dues to Higashi dojo.
Items to bring to the pre:test are your passport, manual (if you have one), water bottle,
warm:up jacket (wind:breaker), pen and pencil for written test, and a proper attitude.
Good Luck ik:kyu's!!!